So here I am again dealing with Go Daddy tech support. My website,, where I design shirt graphics and process through a printing company, has been loading poorly or timing out. The hosting plan is more than sufficient for what I’m doing as a small venture Internet company. In contrast to this website, that I have plenty of other applications running that I am yet to have a problem with. This plan is the economy virtual hosted server, meaning that what you are actually are renting is a virtual host path shared with other people. Picture it like living in an apartment. You’re sharing the host IP with other subscribers. So after a little back and forth with their tech support with little intelligent responsesI just went ahead and forced changed which piece of virtual server pie my site is hosted on.

Outraged at cheap tanks

Good news is, of course, that its finally on its way being fixed (I’m suspecting someone is violating their bandwidth quota or bad server scripts). Bad news, downtime while the server is being migrated. All for the greater good I suppose! Like an abuse victim, I tell myself “Next time will be the last time!”. Perhaps its the plan I’m using that I am trying to press wine out of sour grapes, but if you are going to offer a product it better be functional! Go Daddy really should refocus their efforts and spend less resources on making boobies commercials!