Not sure if you have Telnet or need to get it installed? Here’s the information on the basics of how to get up and running:

  1. Open your control panel.
  2. Go into programs.
  3. Select programs and features
  4. Then goto “turn windows features on or off”
  5. On the list that appears check the box beside “Telnet Client”
  6. Then click ok, congratulation you’re finished

So now you have telnet, how do you connect to our totally awesome MUD?

  1. Press the Windows (between alt and cntrl) and R keys at the same time.
  2. This opens the RUN window, in it type CMD and click ok
  3. in the black window type “telnet 6690” and press the enter key
  4. You should be greeted by the MUD server (Hello!) and prompted to create a character.

There’s not much but if you want to walk around and explore some feel free to do so.

*Remember it’s in the early stages and when it moves out of development the character database will more than likely be wiped*

And from your Arch Wizard Elo, welcome and happy mudding!