Onto the realm of Forgotten Gods. The current reality is set in a time of sword and magic, of lost empires and forgotten civilizations. You, the adventurer, set off on a path to find your own place in the world. If you choose to render aid to those in need or ravage the resources of those deemed less deserving if completely in your control. Your fate is in your hands. Will you find salvation or damn your immortal soul? Which gods will you ally yourself with? How will history remember you, a hero or a villain?

Find the answers, unearth the truths veiled between centuries of lies. Come and discover Forgotten Gods.

I have become a fan of Glen Cook’s. His book touching on The Black Company and The Dread Empire has stirred me to want to create a fantasy world with-in the scope of his work. I will not pretend to weave a reality of my complete own creation. I have too much respect for Cook and his works to simply plagiarize it. But I would say that much of what I will implement early on is and will be inspired by his series. I would deeply and humbly recommend that if you enjoy the contents of the Forgotten Gods realms to look up his works. Maybe you will have your own interpretation and contribute suggestions and ideas yourself!

I cannot conceive of gods who would give a damn about humanity’s frothy carryings-on. I mean, logically, beings of that order just wouldn’t. But maybe there is a force for greater good, created by our unconscious minds conjoined, that becomes an independent power greater than the sum of its parts. Maybe, being a mind-thing, it is not time-bound. Maybe it can see everywhere and everywhen and move pawns so that what seems to be today’s victory becomes the cornerstone of tomorrow’s defeat.

        -Glen Cook The Black Company (so eloquently organized at this site )

The quote above is one of many Cook’s concepts that inspired this realm. Welcome and let me be the first to introduce you to the MUD Forgotten Gods. My name is Elohim, Elo for short. I am the conductor in this orchestra of code and fiction combined for your entertainment. The team and I will be building up the start areas and designing the basic worlds using the Dead-Souls mudlib as the foundation. The actual server is a virtual machine privately hosted and running on Ubuntu Linux. Why a new mud instead of coding for a established one? Mostly because I have control issues, but I have a world envisioned in my head and requires a lot of new concepts not adopted or created elsewhere. Many administrators are just not willing to risk breaking or permanently gumming up the works with what I have planned. Invitations to former colleagues have been sent to expedite the creation and quality control of the content being released. But everyone is welcomed to preview the work in progress and leave suggestions. Remember that this MUD will always be free to join and play, even now in its early pre-alpha stage. As content completion and testing progresses out into beta the character database will most likely be wiped.

You will need access to a telnet client or a more feature rich MUD client.

  • Host address/url: mud.technocratia.com
  • Port: 6690