So the first obvious question is, what is a mud? I’m sure you can look up various definitions but let me answer to the best of my knowledge. MUD is an acronym for Multi User Dungeons. Picture the table top role play games converted into internets. Table top role-play, seriously? Converting the dice rolls into computed algorithm and creating player classes, stats,  campaign into a file library (mudlib) that a mud engine (mud driver) processes it turns into a low resource consumption game. So if you are used to the flashy 3D and lighting effects prepare for utter disappointment. But if you can still enjoy a good work of fiction or appreciate interacting with someones imagination then give it a try! I will try my best to give you the basics.

MUDs, believe it or not, are as common as blogs, forums, and porn… okay maybe not but there is an audience out there. I got my start back in 199… something, I forget, probably 1997. It was on a MUD named Leviathan ran by a gaggle of creative talents. I eventually was accepted to code for them and my curious mind would often get me in trouble; bending or even breaking the rules to see how things work. I usually pushed the limits of what I created. Although we all had our moments it was the arch wizard Gabriel (arch wizard being on of the most experienced contributors) and Clotho who mentored me and generally covered my ass for crashing the MUD. When he left I couldn’t find the motivation to kept writing there. So I signed off and started on it’s sister MUD, also named Leviathan but nicknamed Better Box because of the company that hosted it (, R.I.P). It was with that team of patient and not-so-patient admins that I created a whole new domain that quickly became popular. Towards the last days when dear Natas departed us both in game and real life and months later Grog decided to focus on his professional endeavors did I also move on. But Grog, Spleen, Asesino, Archon, Grog, Grog, Grog I will forever cherish you all for all that you taught, challenged, tested, and praised me for.

Looking back, I wanted to recapture some good times I had with lifelong friends. We always had a good creative chemistry between all of us, so why not branch out and try our own MUD? We all read the same books for the most part, enjoy the same genre of television programs and movies. So using the resources at hand I independently launched the resources and got a MUD configured. So I extend my hand to all my past comrades to write and test with me. Goliath aka Masamune, Gotti aka Spade, Tarrant aka Cloud, Leah you know who you guys are out there. And anyone (Drew, Artie, you know who the creative and intelligent people are) that is interested in Linux/C++ and coding you guys are welcome to experience this first hand.

So If you want to follow the developments of this project, keep track on the MUD category.

~ Elo