It is not as simple as stating that Google Wave provides real-time communications and collaboration between your contacts. Google Wave,  making use of new features provided by  HTML 5, is the digital equivalent of meeting with others and working on the same project. Google Wave creates only one message that participants chosen by the owner-creator can read and edit instead of creating multiple copies of an email message to send to each recipient. Epipheo Studios created an excellent a video on the process.

I enjoyed what has been accessible during the preview and continue to look forward to future items and features. I can’t wait for Google to integrate all Gmail and Google Voice functionality into Google Wave, as I’m sure that most (if not all) other Google products will be. I am half tempted to take the development kits and start cranking on code myself. The other half, sadly enough,  has enough sense to know that perhaps this level of coding is beyond my talents. But even then, perhaps I only have to keep one browser window open then! 

Although there are other players in the field Google keeps coming out strong and Google Wave will be making heads turns in the industry.