With Windows 7 making its debut, some people might be wondering whether they should buy the software to install on their current PC, or shell out some dough for a sweet new box.  The short answer is, ‘You should probably get a new computer that comes with Windows 7 installed already, with a few exceptions.

To get the most of Windows 7, you’re going to want a 64-bit processor.  If your current PC has one (and it should if you’ve bought or built a new computer in the last year or two) then you may not need to buy a new computer, provided your motherboard allows you to upgrade to 4GB or more of RAM.  Please note that you may not need a full 4GB of RAM, but one of the huge advantages of having a 64-bit architecture is that it allows you to take full advantage of having 4GB of RAM, and the operating system will run more smoothly.

If, although, your current machine does have a 64 bit processor, and you can or already have upgraded your RAM to 4GB or more of RAM, then by all means, save some money and just buy the software.  There is, however, a third option which I prefer:  Buy a Mac.

I’ve not installed Windows 7 on a PC or upgraded from XP or Vista to Windows 7, so I cannot speak about any difficulties or compatibility issues that may or may not exist.  I have installed Windows 7 using VMWare Fusion on my Mac though, and it was ridiculously easy.  True, Macs may cost more , but after using a Mac for almost a year now I can safely say that, in my opinion, they are better built machines and you will have far fewer problems, whether you’re talking about compatibility issues, stability of the operating system, viruses, or structural integrity of the chassis.