And now a taste of the geeky…

My latest project: Restructure my hard drives (HDD)/file directories. This is my attempt at being more organized, so a’ documenting we shall go!

The concept was simple really. I wanted a way to surf and download files in a clean environment. Make use of all my hardware. With the (ab)use I do power computing the installation had grown unstable. So I pulled out all my personal documents from the different websites and workstation and pooled it all in my portable slim sexy WD Passport 120g drive. Once I was assured that all my files were properly saved I wiped my HDD. After many hours and water-cooler worthy experiences I finally have it humming like a bee. Note the image attached and allow me to explain.

New Computer Setup in Action

The image displays a virtual machine running on my right monitor. That is Ubuntu 8.10 running inside a window in my Vista64 PC. If you notice on the left screen you would see that the files downloaded in the virtual machine are shared to the Vista64 where I would run the anti-virus and sort it into the correct folders. No more cluttered desktops nor My Documents!

So the next couple of days I’ll break down the long path of exploration so those daring and geeky follow!

And yes, I have THAT much free time.