First of all let me apologize for the lack of posts this week. Here at the labs (its not really labs but it sounds cool) we been playing with Google Wave. More that in the near future.

So I’m almost at the point of switching phones. The phone can still find a home somewhere else, so I decided to look into unlocking it so it can be used in other networks in case the next owner does not use AT&T as a wireless provider. So I look up support chat after logging in to my online account and select the  ‘other’ option to initiate the session. Then I am asked to fill out some information related to the phone make/model and my account number and then go online with a support agent.

After requesting for the phone’s IMEI and the last four of the account holder’s social, I was provided an unlock code (specific to each phone). The agent did say to insert the other carrier’s SIM card but this was not neccessary for my LG Incite C810. I just had to enter the provider code to get to the unlock interface and punched in the unlock code provided and viola!

And I also blocked all SMS and MMS messages while I was at it. Loving Google Voice direct to contacts messaging!