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Welcome to the Repository

Technocratia is the latin word for technocracy, a governance by technical experts. Its a novel idea that the studied persons in a society would step forward to advance mankind for the sake of a better world. In order to keep motives pure, the concept of monetization has to be segregated from the sharing of information and the discussion of priorities. This website was created as a repository to collect notes, musings, and document solutions. This is not a forum for discussion, so everything is presented to ‘as-is’.

Hello, my name is…


My name is Nestor Sanchez and I am a problem solver by nature. I have a love hate relationship with technology where we can be in the same room, not get into any hair-pulling fights, and agreed to see other people. I have had a great run and think that others may find my independent work useful. I am an IT Professional based out of Houston, Texas, United Sates

Current Projects: